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Aztec Washer Company

Meeting the Need…Volume with Quality

Quality and Service Since 1968

Aztec Washer Company is a family owned and operated corporation located in Poway, California that started in 1968 when its founder and current CEO, Henry DeGraan, became one of the first bonded washer manufacturers in the world. With his knowledge in the fastener industry, a few local distributors and several orders to fill, Aztec quickly grew to a prominent position in the market place.

With 40 years of experience, knowledge, service and loyalty to our customers, Aztec remains a leader in the industry around the globe with additional operations in the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, and Mexico. The close working relationship established with our distributor network ensures that the right parts, in the right quantities are available to meet customer needs and satisfaction. Our extensive tooling and production capabilities provide us with an advantage to meet standard, large volume demands as well as custom washer and roof flashing specialties.

Meeting the Need...Volume with Quality

At Aztec, we control all phases of the manufacturing process. From purchasing raw materials to production of the finished product, Aztec professionals work hands-on to oversee the entire operation.

A major factor in Aztec's rise to a leadership position in this industry lies in our tooling resources and 40 years of experience. Our tooling capabilities coupled with numerous elasomers, metal, and alloy options enable us to offer our customers a variety of choices to fill virtually every need in roof flashings, pipe, sealing washer and plugs.

Our capabilities enable us to produce both “standards” and “specials” in a range of sizes to accommodate fasteners ranging from #4 diameter up to 1-1/2” diameter bolts, with outside diameters from 1/4” to 3” and the corresponding metric range.

Aztec’s vast tooling capabilities coupled with numerous elastomers, metal and alloy options enable us to offer our customers a variety of choices to fill virtually every need. This exceptional tooling capability permits us to begin with almost any application concept and develop a viable product within time constraints. Our production department,equipped with state-of-the-art high-speed and variable-speed presses, surface finishing machines and inspection equipment, manufactures your exact part.

Aztec meets the needs of customers with daily requirements in the hundreds to millions - we can meet your volume and quality needs too!

Quality that Meets the Challenge

At Aztec, we control all phases of the manufacturing process. From the purchasing raw materials, our unique bonding process, to production of the finished product. Aztec professionals work hands on to oversee the entire operation.

Aztec is a Certified ISO 9001 company who prides itself on product quality and customer satisfaction. With an on-site rubber chemist and state of the art inspection equipment, we perform constant monitoring to ensure both the customer’s and Aztec’s standards are met.

Your comparative analysis is always welcome at Aztec and we stand prepared to meet your specified requirements.

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