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Aztec Washer FAQs

Q: What is the difference between EPDM and Neoprene?

A: EPDM is commonly used in construction applications where the primary hazards are ozone, ultraviolet light and temperature extremes. Neoprene’s primary strength lies in its resistance to petrochemicals and certain other chemical families.

Q: Does your product qualify for the Buy American Act?

A: Yes, all of our products are essentially manufactured, processed and distributed from a point within the United States. Accordingly, our products comply with the domestic origin requirements as delineated in the Buy American Act.

Q: Are Aztec Washer products ROHS and DFAR Compliant?

A: Yes, all of products are compliant to ROHS, DFAR, and REACH. We also have other listings such as UPC, IAPMO and ICC.

Q: What is the warranty of Master Flash® pipe flashings?

A: Aztec Washer Company guarantees a 20 year warranty on all Master Flash® under normal weather and atmospheric conditions within 20yrs after date of purchase. See our 20 year warranty agreement at: http://aztecwasher.com/pdf/warranty.pdf

We also manufacture ICC listed Master Flash® with a guaranteed 35 year warranty. Remember, if your flashing doesn’t have a 35 year warranty, neither does your roof! See our 35 year warranty at: http://aztecwasher.com/pdf/35-year-warranty.pdf

Q: What type of sealant should be used when installing a Master Flash® pipe flashing?

A: We recommend WeatherMaster™ sealant sold at Aztec Washer Company which can be color matched to any of our Master Flash® colors available. It is VOC compliant, earth friendly, UV resistant, and extrudes down to 0º Fahrenheit. With its permanent flexibility, it won’t crack and due to its quick drying nature, it can even be installed in the rain!

Q: What temperature can Master Flash® products withstand?

A: Our EPDM Master Flash® products are tested to withstand +275ºF (+135ºC) with intermittent heat exposure and +212º F (+100º C) with continuous heat exposure.

Our silicone Master Flash® products are tested to withstand +500ºF (+260ºC) with intermittent heat exposure and +437º F (+225º C) with continuous heat exposure.

Complete specification data and testing methods are available upon request.

Q: Are there installation instructions or videos available?

A: Yes! It is our priority to make sure our Master Flash® products are being installed properly as intended, so we have put installation examples on our fliers & packaging. Please view our installation video on our website at:
and on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KR5p56wvHYA

Q: How can I purchase Master Seal® and Master Flash® products?

A: Aztec Washer Company has distributors all over the United States and internationally. Please call us at 1-800-WASHER 5 (927-4375) with the parts you are interested in, and we will be happy to provide you with a distributor in your area.

Q: 45 uses and counting for Master Flash® products that you might not have heard of or seen.

A: This does not include a pot for your plant, a new hat for Devo or apparel for Madonna’s next tour:

  1. wires
  2. conduits
  3. insulators
  4. solar mounts
  5. outdoor water spigots
  6. lightning rods
  7. satellite shaft
  8. square tubing
  9. PVC Pipe
  10. square steel posts
  11. square tubing
  12. square vents
  13. round steel posts
  14. round tubing
  15. round pipes
  16. round vent
  17. electrical mast connection
  18. double walled or type B vents
  19. ends of metal roof standing seams
  20. air conditioning or refrigeration lines
  21. ducts
  22. chimneys
  23. skylights
  24. dissimilar roof profiles
  25. gambrel roof
  26. transition walls
  27. parapet walls
  28. stepped roofs
  29. corners
  30. stove pipes
  31. exhaust pipes
  32. copper tubing
  33. electrical cables
  34. fall arrest anchors
  35. solar panels
  36. tar paper shingles
  37. cement tiles
  38. fiber optics lines
  39. phone lines
  40. coaxial cables
  41. exhaust line for a seadoo
  42. gear shift (impractical but seen)
  43. ceramic tiles
  44. gutter drain
  45. antenna mount

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