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Aztec Washer Company Specifications

Master Flash Product Specifications

Master Flash® Compare Advantages Master Flash® EPDM Black 70 Shore
Master Flash® Black EPDM Master Flash® Box Gutter Grey EPDM
Master Flash® Colored EPDM Master Flash® General Recommendations
Master Flash® Grey/Dark Grey EPDM Master Flash® Silicone
Master Flash® SLF Grey EPDM  

Master Seal Bonded Washer Specifications

Master Seal® Aluminum Specification

Master Seal® Black EPDM Conductive 70 Shore

Master Seal® Black Neoprene 70 Shore Master Seal® Black Nitrile Fluid Resistand 70 Shore
Master Seal® Black Viton FKM Master Seal® Galvanized Steel
Master Seal® Grey EPDM 70 Shore Master Seal® Corrosion Restistant Stainless Steel
Master Seal® White Neoprene 70 Shore  

P36 Saddle Washer Specifications

P36 Saddle Washer Black EPDM 40 Shore  

Rubber Washer Specifications

Rubber Washer Black EPDM  
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